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Science cakes from Twitter


Some of the best scientific cakes from twitter & beyond, if you have a cake please get in touch!

Tips for writing your PhD thesis

Thesis writing

Tips and advice for writing your PhD thesis & dissertation, tips on how to submit in time.

Tips for using Mendeley

Thesis writing

Some Tips and advice on how to and why to use Mendeley for writing your PhD thesis or when publishing a paper.

14 Awesome tips to help you write your PhD thesis

Thesis writing

14 Awesome tips taken from the world of blogging to help you write your PhD thesis

The Job Search: Protein Chemist

Job hunting

Looking for job aftering doing a PhD/PostDoc in a niche area can be difficult..

5 tips to increase your productivity in the lab

Lab productivity

A short article about how to increase your productivity in the lab and achieve more

How to get a job using LinkedIn

Job hunting

An overview of how to increase your chances of getting a position both within and outside of academia using a well structured LinkedIn profile

PhD and PostDoc positions in the UK

job hunting

A comprehensive list of Universities in the United Kingdom for PhD and PostDoc positions

10 great articles to help get you through grad school

Thesis writing

A collection of some of the best blogs on grad school life and how to survive

Can drinking less coffee increase productivity in the lab


Although coffee might perk you up, it might  also slow you down...

CV writing tips for Scientists

Job hunting

CV writing tips for looking at jobs inside and outside or academia

PostDoc grant writing, scholarships & funding

Grant writing

A how to of grant writing, what to consider and funding opportunities

How long is a PhD thesis.jpg

How long is a PhD, an example

Thesis writing

An overview of PhD thesis writing, what to expect when writing and an example

Online PhD & Bachelor degree programs

Job hunting

Considerations about online degree programs, where to look and costs..

PostDoc & PhD positions in Ireland


An overview of Irish Universities and Research institutes for carrying out your PhD or PostDoc.

Good Guilt

Career advice

Here Catarina Vicente, the community manager of the Node development biology forum, gives an insight into her career transition into publishing.

Writing on the go

Writing advice

Here I talk about finding some extra time on your commute to write your PhD/Grant/Paper....

Tips for writing your thesis statement

Writing advice

Here we give some advice on how to write a thesis statement